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Lawns, Driveways and Bonds

For new construction, lawns must be installed within one growing season, i.e. if you move in April, the lawn needs to be established by September of that same year; if you move in October, the lawn is to be established by May of the following year.  Failure to complete lawns and driveways within the specified time limits can result in forfeiture of bonds and/or the issuance of daily citations and fines.

It is also important that you maintain your erosion control until your lawn is established.  Failure to do so can result in clean-up costs, damage to our streams, and can impact your new neighbors who have to deal with rocks and soil on the roads.

Landscape and street cleaning bonds are refunded when the driveway is installed and the lawn is established and has been mowed at least twice.  Call the Building Inspection Department to schedule an inspection when your driveway and lawn are completed.

If you have any questions regarding outstanding bonds, call the Building Inspection Department at 246-5212.

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