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Village of Sussex, WI

Mailbox Policy

The erection of mailboxes shall conform to the following specifications:

  •  Mailbox box face should be no more than 12 inches from the front of curb and the bottom of the box at least 41 to 45 inches from the top height of the curb.
  • The post should be set in a hole 8 to 10 inches in diameter and 24 inches deep.

  • If possible look to place the mailbox on the side of your driveway where the traffic pattern allows the plow to pass the driveway and then pass the mailbox. This allows as much of the heavy snow to fall off the plow prior to the mailbox.

  • Keep post at least five feet away from fire hydrants.

To assist the Public Works Department and the Postal Service, the Village suggests inspecting your mailbox and post prior to winter and repairing as necessary. The following tips can help reduce the chance of damage due to plowing operation:

  • Ensure the mailbox post is sturdy and fully supported to the ground to withstand the heavy snow moved aside by the plow.
  • Add small section of reflective tape to the right side (facing traffic) to make it easier to see during storms.

  • Remove snow from around the base and to the right side of the mailbox regularly (but avoid pushing snow into road).

  • If you have a highly ornate/artistic mailbox, consider replacing with a standard box during winter. The metal on many of these mailboxes, while very attractive, is quite brittle in winter conditions and doesn’t withstand plowing impacts well.

 The Village Plow Drivers attempt to avoid damaging mailboxes and yards as they plow. They are very aware of the frustration and cost that come from dealing with those situations. Most damage is caused by snow coming off the plow blade and is an unfortunate reality of winter. The Village has an adopted policy that the Village will replace a mailbox up to $75 in value if it is physically struck by the plow, but will not replace for damage caused by snow coming off of the plow blade. The Village also comes out in spring and repairs yard damage. If your mailbox or yard is damaged this winter please call the Village Hall at 246-5200.

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