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Village of Sussex, WI

Stormwater Utility
In response to Federal mandates, the Village of Sussex was required to obtain a permit from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources to discharge storm water from our municipal storm sewer into area streams.  The permit requires the Village to address six specific areas:
  • Public education and outreach
  • Public involvement and participation
  • Elimination of illicit discharges
  • Construction site runoff management
  • Post-construction site runoff management
  • Pollution prevention & good housekeeping

In response to the unfunded federal mandate, the Village Board decided to create a Storm water Utility to fund the actions required by our permit.  The utility is funded by a monthly fee that appears on the sewer and water bill.  All fees collected are used exclusively for meeting the permit requirements.

The Storm water Utility fee structure does include a credit system that provides discounts to property owners that have paid for and maintain measures that improve storm water quality.  The system also includes an appeal process for property owners to present justification for a reduced rate.

Stormwater Management Master Plan
Attached Document or FileStormwater Utility Rate Increase  
Attached Document or FileWPDES Permit  Upper Fox River Watershed Group
Attached Document or File2016 MS-4 Annual Report  
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