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Every owner of a dog more than five months of age is required to pay a dog license fee before April 1st.  The Village Clerk will issue a license upon providing evidence that a dog is immunized against rabies.

It is against Village ordinance to allow a dog or cat to run at large anyplace within the Village unless controlled by the owner.  Animals are not allowed in parks or parkways unless on a leash of suitable strength not more than 6 feet in length.  No animal shall be tied up and left unattended.

Vicious dogs and cats that have bitten, attacked or injured any person are not allowed within the Village.  Residents may not keep more than two (2) dogs or three (3) cats over the age of 5 months, except in a shelter or kennel duly authorized by the Village. 

Animal excrement must be disposed of immediately after an animal has relieved itself.

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