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Agendas & Minutes

The Village Board supports the principles of the open meeting law and its guarantees of citizen access to governmental policy making and decision making processes. Therefore, all boards, committees and commissions are directed to observe the requirements and constraints of the Wisconsin Open Meeting Law, Section 19.81 through 19.98, Wisconsin Statutes, in the conduct of all boards, committees and commission meetings.

A notice giving the time, date and place of each meeting and its tentative agenda is posted at least 24 hours prior to the meeting of any board, committee or commission. The notice is posted at the Village Hall and also furnished to the news media.

All meetings of all boards, committees and commissions of the Village are held in public buildings of the Village or on public grounds, in rooms or chambers that are handicapped accessible. All meetings are open to the public.

Minutes of all meetings must be kept and are prepared by staff. Written minutes, upon approval by the board, committee or commission, constitute the official record of its activities.

It is the policy of the Village Board that minutes of boards, committees and commissions be submitted to be included on the Board agenda in a timely fashion. The time frame is within 10 days. Minutes may be labeled "Draft" if a meeting to approve the minutes cannot be scheduled within that time frame. 

It is the policy of the Village Board that minutes are not verbatim. They are, instead, action minutes, recording the essence of the decisions made and significant action.

Please Note:  The agendas, meeting minutes, notices and postings on the site are for convenience purposes only and may not represent the most current version. Therefore, they are not considered a legal representation of the official copy. If you require a copy of the official version of one on these documents, please contact the office of record for that document.

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